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Narrandera truck driver retires off the back of Bitcoin | The Daily Advertiser

By Madeleine Clarke,
Jan 3rd, 2018 | 2 min read

Eight months ago, Narrandera’s Suzie Rowe only saw her husband Neil, an interstate B-double truck driver, around 89 days per year. But that reality has been completely flipped on its head.

After buying into Bitcoin, Neil was able to retire from the dangerous roads at the end of December.

“It’s pretty surreal to think eight months ago we were just bumbling along in a mindset of we will do this for the rest of our lives, now for two people from the bush our whole future’s changed,” Mrs Rowe said.

“Back in May I was looking for something more than to work the typical 9-5 grind... I happened to find an ad in a work from home Facebook group, I joined after two days of pondering,” Mrs Rowe said.

She joined a technology and trading company who manage the trading and mining on her behalf, purchasing three Bitcoin packages worth about $80 each. The company pay a return on capital in Bitcoin on the total accumulation of amounts, ranging from from 0.75-1.25 per cent each working day until packages pay 140 per cent return.

After seeing the returns flow in, during the first eight weeks they put in about 10 weeks average truck driver’s wages. Neil’s wage is now paid completely out of their Bitcoin business, which is currently returning seven times Suzie’s average weekly wage in a single day.

Mrs Rowe’s income comes from a combination of return on outlay and commissions from referrals to the company, however not all participants refer. She withdraws some and puts some back into re-buying packages.

While cryptocurrency has changed her world, Mrs Rowe urges potential investors to carefully consider all options.

“Whenever you outlay money into a company, online platform, investment online portfolio. . . I must reiterate, only ever outlay what you’re prepared to lose,” she said.

Bitcoin climbed to a historic $25K in the lead up to Christmas before an epic five day dip, but has crept back up since Boxing Day to sit at around $17K on Tuesday at midday.

Results such as the Rowe’s aren’t necessarily typical and readers should be aware of the risks involved.