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is the process of determining the economic value of a business or company.
Investopedia |
Reviewed by ... | 3 min read
Venture capital is a hell of a drug. Used properly, it’s like adrenaline energizing many of the greatest companies of the past fifty years. Used incorrectly, it creates toxic dependencies. The conventional wisdom in the startup...
TechCrunch |
Eric Paley | Oct 15th, 2016 | 11 min read
When you're growing as fast as Slack, you don't have to justify your valuation with numbers or multiples or whatever. The quantity of investors that want to put money into the deal is nearly endless. It's merely a matter of sup... |
Mar 26th, 2015 | 1 min read
At a fascinating session at last week's BostInno conference at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, senior executives from a mix of local companies were candid in citing the most important factors in growing their startups to a ...
Entrepreneur |
Peter S. Cohan | Jun 18th, 2014 | 3 min read
Before investing in a startup, the first question many angels ask is: what is the company worth? Determining the valuation of a company before it has revenues is actually pretty difficult. Unlike valuing companies with revenues...
Forbes |
Marianne Hudson | Mar 6th, 2015 | 4 min read
Every founder wants to believe that his or her startup is poised to be the next hot company to skyrocket to the top of the valuation charts. Establishing the value of most established companies can be a fairly straightforward p...
Ron Flavin |
Ron Flavin | Aug 25th, 2015 | 6 min read